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  • Can I apply lash serum on my eyebrow?
    Yes you can as it provides the same effect too!
  • How do I apply the eye lash serum?
    Cavilla Lash Serum can be applied using "eyeliner" method. Just line the roots of your lashes with our serum will do.
  • My eyes are turning red after application
    There might be 2 reasons: 1) Serum might have gotten into your eyes when you blink. And there is EPM in the serum, hence it cause redness. Avoid applying it into your eyes. 2) Start controlling the amount of serum that you are applying, as the serum helps to promote blood circulation hence then thin skin around the eyes are sensitive towards it.
  • Can I return or refund my product?
    Sorry but no return or refund for all purchases made. Do let us know via email if the items are defective and we will go review it.
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